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EmprintWeb SaaS Implementation

EmprintWeb is a browser-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) program used to manage business-critical forms across a business enterprise. It consists of a shared forms library and supports multiple custom form libraries for different facilities. Forms can be easily located by entering search terms or by filtering categories such as "consent" and immediately returning a narrowed listing in real-time.

Forms are also organized into packets that are frequently used together. Both forms and packets can easily be identified as “Favorites” and grouped at the top of a search list with a single click for rapid access to frequently used items. Favorites are remembered per end-user.

If authorized, end-users can search current and recently discharged patients for patient demographic information that can be easily merged onto forms or packets, one patient at a time, or multiple patients at a time. Printed forms can be distributed, filled out and subsequently imaged into an EMR.

EmprintWeb includes the EmprintWebDowntime application, which is a stand-alone executable program that is highly configurable. The purpose of EmprintWebDowntime is to allow access of a local copy of all of the forms and packets in a facility form library to be accessible during any interruption of the EmprintWeb service. This tool must be enabled when the Internet and EmprintWeb are accessible, and does not have patient data available to merge onto printed forms.

Architectural Requirements and Vision

EmprintWeb was built to support enterprise customers where the need is to:

  • Maintain governance over form content
  • Provide the ability to rapidly share approved forms between facilities
  • Provide the ability to quickly merge patient demographic information onto a printed form(s) for use in patient care areas
  • Provide the ability to publish new content and revisions rapidly across the platform
  • Deliver the service via common browser as a scalable service utilizing centralized information storage and processing

This required creation of management software for management of images, central storage of form images and libraries, remote secure authentication, secure transmission and storage of PHI, and reporting.


EmprintWeb Customer Access Diagram


EmprintWeb Customer Access Diagram


Open Standards Conformance
EmprintWeb supports standard browsers, but works best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

High Availability and Scalability
EmprintWeb is built on the Microsoft Azure platform and is highly available and scalable on demand.

Use Case Realizations
EmprintWeb provides an easy to use, field proven platform to support the forms needs for both inpatient and outpatient areas of acute care facilities and clinics.


Secure authentication occurs when an end-user opens a browser session with EmprintWeb, meaning compliance is met at the AD level. MFA, password complexity, aging, lockout, reset, and named account access are managed by your technical staff with on premises AD.

System Monitoring
EmprintWeb monitors system metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, data in/out, errors, error rate, number of requests, and average response time. The system employs an “auto-heal” mechanism where it will reboot servers if certain monitored metrics exceed specified thresholds.

System Logging
All user interactions are logged by the system, including successful/unsuccessful logins, all forms, and packets access.

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