EmprintWeb provides a number of critical time- and money-saving advantages to hospitals, including form standardization, increased efficiencies, and an industry-exclusive reassurance of no downtime.

Improved Efficiency

Because EmprintWeb is easy to learn, user friendly, and cloud-based, it simplifies document governance, so your organization can reduce inefficiencies, redundancies, and inconsistencies.

With EmprintWeb, you’ll find it incredibly easy to view, search, create, and print your eForms or print forms. Or, Emprint can create new forms for you. Plus, EmprintWeb:

  • Permits a much more efficient intake of paper forms into your EHR
  • Lets you quickly and easily route new form designs for proofing and approval by your organization’s leadership prior to full implementation
  • Enables you to easily convert existing forms to eForms

Plus, with EmprintWeb, you can add barcodes to link and track eForms to patient records.

To help you stay in compliance, EmprintWeb retains all previously approved forms.

Reporting: Extensive reporting is available and can be customized to your organization’s needs, such as:

  • Monthly usage by item (print and eForms)
  • Document program savings
  • Sales by category

How effective is EmprintWeb? One top ten hospital group operating 175 facilities saved over $11.4 million and reduced or eliminated the need to purchase forms.



A critical advantage available only from EmprintWeb!

Your hospital needs to be able to provide care continuously. We get it. It’s why we developed EmprintWeb to be downtime executable. If your hospital is disconnected from the Internet—even during power outages—you’re never disconnected from your critical clinical forms and packets.

Don’t worry about patient privacy—no patient information is included in EmprintWeb’s downtime executable form.

Our tech team will collaborate with your IT team to quickly establish and implement EmprintWeb’s downtime and offline access.

Multiple Locations

Health systems with multiple locations often run into a host of paperwork problems that cause unnecessary expenses and time-consuming paper chases: different versions of what should be the same form, misfiling, and duplication. Many systems cannot keep up with their ever-changing roster of documents and are unable to consistently present the most current versions when they need them. Purchasing, filling out, and tracking hundreds of forms requires a huge amount of time, money, and energy spent on documentation management.

Cloud-based and scalable, EmprintWeb streamlines those problems, eliminating inconsistencies and duplication by allowing you to:

  • Standardize forms across your entire organization easily
  • Customize documents for each location
  • Add barcodes to link and track eForms to patient records, so that medical record documents are scanned in the proper location when added
  • Print and share documents among all your locations

For added convenience and control, super users can be granted access to all resources for all or some facilities.

Library: As part of our document management services, our EmprintWeb team will review all your digital assets and create a print and digital management program to keep your organization’s library in order. Your library of forms will be typeset to your exact design standard; Emprint has a wide array of expertise in graphics, creating and editing thousands of forms per month.

And with EmprintWeb, your document library is updated every hour, to make sure each of your locations has immediate access to the latest versions of all your documents.

Security: EmprintWeb meets all security requirements required of the healthcare industry and maintains extensive cyber insurance.


Use Cases


Keeping Current Is Critical
A major hospital organization had difficulties ensuring that all of its acute care facilities’ registration forms were being kept current. Because of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare requirements, having the correct forms in use at all times—and in a form that is easily updated—is critical.
Find out how EmprintWeb solved this problem.


Beating the Deadline
In 2016, healthcare providers were hit with a hard deadline: legislation was passed requiring them to post non-discrimination notices by October 16 of that year. To comply with this mandate in a timely fashion, hospitals and healthcare systems had to scramble.
EmprintWeb had the solution.


Coping with Covid-19
With COVID-19 cases spreading quickly, one of Emprint’s healthcare client organizations needed several new forms—fast—to prepare before it was overwhelmed.
EmprintWeb responded.


Thank You

“Thank you for all of the hard work to make the mask mailer project a reality. We appreciate your help and patience as we worked through the many logistics of this project.”

True Partner

“Emprint is a true partner. They always have your back and will do whatever it takes to deliver.”

Right Arm

“I’ve worked with Emprint for a decade. They’re my “right arm” to get quality collateral created quickly – a partner in every sense of the word.”

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Helpful Information


Infographic: A Faster Path to Document Governance

EmprintWeb eForms ensure patient documents are always available at the point of care–wherever and whenever it may be. Even better, eForms are easy to learn, implement, use, and monitor.

Learn how a top ten hospital group reduced inefficiencies and generated savings to their bottom line.

See for Yourself



See how EmprintWeb ensures that patient documents are always available at the point of care—wherever
and whenever it may be. Even better, eForms are
easy to learn, implement, and use.



User: Care Giver
EmprintWeb’s forms dashboard was designed to help caregivers get into and out of the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Pre-populate form data quickly

Pull-down menus ensure speed and accuracy. When selecting information from a pull-down menu, your forms are populated with the corresponding databy department, patient,and location.



Sort easily

EmprintWeb’s functionality includes simple search and sort features, as well as a favorites tab to make
it even faster and
easier to use.


Add patient
data efficiently

If the PHI option is selected, the user can select to populate forms by a single patient or group of patients.


Quick access
to packets

The patient packet home screen lets the individual users select the most commonly used forms, remaining customized for each user.


Easily customize packets

Packet contents can
be customized to contain some, or all of the initial documents contained
in the packet set.



Print easily

Packet printing is simple with a print icon on each form.


Tying it back to
the EHR

Note the patient package example with data and an EHR-related bar code for accurate filing.


User: HIM

EmprintWeb is incredibly user friendly, featuring
a highly intuitive,
easy-to-use forms dashboard.

Navigation is simple. One click takes you to all the relevant categories in each section.


Easily accessed forms

You can quickly find
forms organized for
every department in a simple pull-down menu.



User permissions

EmprintWeb makes administering user
rights as simple as
clicking a box


Training sections

When you have questions about EmprintWeb, there are extensive,
self-service training sections to help you, including technical support and videos.


Forms approval made easy

For authorized leadership, there’s a simple forms review and approval process built in. Because EmprintWeb is
cloud-based, once your forms are approved, they’re available within minutes to all users.

Streamline paperwork to improve your workflow and
patient satisfaction—and save money—with one
easy-to-use solution: EmprintWeb.

Please call us now at 1-833-719-6599,
and one of our representatives will be happy
to answer your questions.

Or, just fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you soon.

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