Cloud-based Document Management for More Efficient Healthcare Administration

From small clinics to large healthcare systems to home health and hospice, EmprintWeb is the faster, safer, less expensive way to manage all your digital assets.


What Is EmprintWeb?

For healthcare, EmprintWeb is a better way to manage the increasingly complex,
time-consuming, and costly paperwork that can overwhelm caregivers, administrators, and budgets.
Cloud-based, secure, and user friendly, EmprintWeb gives you a whole new level of convenience, control, and access to your eForms and print forms, letting you quickly and efficiently view, search, create,
convert, and print them—anytime, anywhere, even at the point of care.

Easy to learn, easy to use, EmprintWeb simplifies your organization’s ability to:

• Create new eForms, based on your criteria
• Route new form designs for approval
• Convert existing forms to eForms
• Add barcodes to link and track eForms to patient records

In addition to dramatically streamlining your paperwork, saving your staff precious time chasing and creating new forms, and lowering your costs, EmprintWeb keeps your forms available—even in downtime. No Internet? No EMR access? No problem.

Discover all the ways EmprintWeb is helping healthcare organizations reduce the cost of their printed materials by as much as 60%.

Emprint: Our History of Client-focused Innovation


With so many pieces of healthcare integrating into the digital age, paperwork had to follow, and Emprint is here to get you there.

For more than 135 years, Emprint has been a premier provider of commercial printing, fulfillment, document management, and corporate solutions for our clients. As technology has moved forward, Emprint has helped our clients move with it, with solutions ranging from special campaign projects, web-to-print applications, purchasing integrations, custom developmental programming, and now EmprintWeb to give you all the money-saving convenience and cost-saving control that cloud-based document management can offer.

With a footprint in all 50 states and around the globe—serving healthcare, education, and government—
Emprint brings a rich history of innovation and a widely recognized commitment to customer service excellence to every client we serve. Emprint is here to serve you.

Areas of Healthcare   
We Serve

No matter the size of your location, or how many locations you have, EmprintWeb is easily scalable to serve your growing needs.

Hospital Systems/IDNs
Clients with multiple facilities, often in multiple states, face expensive and time-consuming duplication and misfiling of forms, in addition to the inherent challenges of having disparate locations and systems. EmprintWeb streamlines our clients’ paperwork, allowing a more efficient intake of paper forms into the EHR, standardizing forms, reducing or eliminating duplication, and maintaining clean forms management.

Since most patients receive hospice services from a Medicare-certified hospice organization, documenting treatment is a legal requirement. EmprintWeb ensures users have continuous access to the latest updated forms to stay in compliance. Additionally, we can help customize assessment forms, work to reduce duplication, facilitate forms governance within their teams.

Home Healthcare Agencies
Because HHAs take their services directly into the private homes of patients in need of skilled care, they have no office-based employees and need instant access to all forms wherever they go, often at the point of care. EmprintWeb creates customized form packages for HHAs, helps them with reporting and governance, and even facilitates access to patient handouts.

Reliability. It’s How We Earn—and Keep—Your Business

Our Clients

EHR Integration


Why Our Clients Value Our Partnership


It’s not just our legendary customer service. Or our lightning-fast responsiveness. Or our highly regarded project leadership. Or our laser focus on helping our clients save money and maximize their digital document efficiencies. It’s all of it.

That’s why we’ve had so many long-term, highly successful partnerships with so many clients—like our 20-year relationship with one of the largest hospital organizations in the country, providing their system-wide document management services. And why we’ve served the needs of our home state government of Louisiana for over six decades. They know they can depend on us to deliver the most dedicated, cost-effective customer service, products, and technologies.

Use Cases


Keeping Current Is Critical
A major hospital organization had difficulties ensuring that all of its acute care facilities’ registration forms were being kept current. Because of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare requirements, having the correct forms in use at all times—and in a form that is easily updated—is critical.
Find out how EmprintWeb solved this problem.


Beating the Deadline
In 2016, healthcare providers were hit with a hard deadline: legislation was passed requiring them to post non-discrimination notices by October 16 of that year. To comply with this mandate in a timely fashion, hospitals and healthcare systems had to scramble.
EmprintWeb had the solution.


Coping with Covid-19
With COVID-19 cases spreading quickly, one of Emprint’s healthcare client organizations needed several new forms—fast—to prepare before it was overwhelmed.
EmprintWeb responded.


Five Years

“For the last five years, Emprint has been a strong partner by demonstrating a commitment to excellence and producing a top-quality product.”

True Partner

“Emprint is a true partner. They always have your back and will do whatever it takes to deliver.”

Right Arm

“I’ve worked with Emprint for a decade. They’re my “right arm” to get quality collateral created quickly – a partner in every sense of the word.”

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Get more information to help you make the best decision for your organization’s needs for now, and for the future.


eForms Made Easy
This short infographic will give you an overview of how EmprintWeb’s eForms program is easy to implement, use, and monitor, and how one top ten hospital group has saved over $11 million.


EmprintWeb eForms Conversion Guide
Converting some or all forms to eForms is financially beneficial to every organization that executes it. When you’re ready to take this important step, here’s a simple guide explaining how EmprintWeb can help you do it quickly and easily.

Interested in a Specific EmprintWeb Feature?


Forms can be customized to allow patient information to be linked, to meet location-specific requirements, and for electronic or manual completion.
EmprintWeb gives you a whole new level of transparency into use and performance. Monthly reports can be easily generated to give you a detailed and precise view of usage by item (printed and eForms), quality, cost, and savings.
Multiple Facilities
If your organization has multiple facilities, super users can be granted access to all resources for all or some facilities. Plus, we can review opportunities for standardization across your facilities. And EmprintWeb facilitates document printing and sharing across multiple locations.

Learn More
About How
EmprintWeb Will Benefit Your Organization


Downtime Availability: The Ultimate Assurance
If you lose Internet—and periodically, every organization does—having EmprintWeb means you won’t lose your documents. Here’s why.
Document Management: Specifics
Searching, sorting, extensive reporting, document sharing across your enterprise to standardize, converting print forms to eForms and back again, proofing and approvals—get ready for the convenience, flexibility, and scalability EmprintWeb gives you.
Document Integrity
Automatic hourly library updates, access to approved forms, bar codes to ensure your documents are scanned into the right location—discover all the ways EmprintWeb keeps your documents safe, current, and organized.

Let’s Chat About Your Needs

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      Your confidentiality and data security are critical to us, and that’s why Emprint is SOC 2 type 1 and SOC 2 type 2 certified. Our systems engineers, software architects, and developers are fully committed to security best practices.

      Our Clients
      The growing list of valued EmprintWeb healthcare clients includes:

      EHR Integration
      EmprintWeb quickly integrates with your EHR/EMR to create rapid improvements and efficiencies. We can collaborate directly with your IT team to establish and implement:

      • User authentication
      • User permission management
      • HL7 feed for patient information
      • Mobile app
      • Remote access
      • Downtime and offline document access